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Thomas C. Parker
 Subject: "Rescue Under Fire"
          "So Others Might Live"
          "Dustoff: Memoirs of a Helicopter Pilot"

I've read "Rescue Under Fire" and found it to be a very well
researched and accurate history of Dustoff in Vietnam.  It reads better than
just a historical account as there are reports of specific incidents.  Of the
four books that I have it is probably the best since it covers more than just
the exploits of one individual.

I have also read "So Others Might Live," which is a fictionalized
account of Dustoff activities.  I found the writing to be rather stilted and the
conversations very unrealistic.  I flew two tours as a Dustoff pilot in 'Nam and
never heard any such idealistic dialogue.

I just finished "Dustoff: Memoirs of a Helicopter Pilot," which is the
autobiography of Michale Novosel, one of two Dustoff pilots to receive the Medal
of Honor.  It is a very interesting book.  Mike has led a fascinating life,
being a pilot in WWII, Korea and in Vietnam.  Mike served two tours in 'Nam,
both flying Dustoff and both when he was already in his 40's.  It is definitely
worth reading.

I also have a copy of Mark Hough's book "United States Army Air
Ambulance," which is pretty much just a research piece about the various
medevac units.  There is a nice display of unit patches in the book.  I highly
recommend it as a good reference work, but there isn't any story to it.

Tom Parker
Dustoff 27 (1967)
Dustoff 3 (1970)

Huey P. Lang Subject: "Rescue Under Fire" The 175 page book covers the Medical Evacuation in Vietnam. It describes all the problems that the early commanders had to overcome to make Dust Off work in RVN. The book has quite a few photo's that help tell the Medevac Story. It starts out with Capt. John Temperelli and the 57th Medical Detachment and covers the build up and some of the other medical evacuations along with the Medal of Honor Missions. Lt Col. John L Cook was a Phoenix Program Advisor and evacuated by a Dust Off unit.
James Van Doren Subject: "Rescue Under Fire" "Dustoff: Memoirs of a Helicopter Pilot" I own and have read this - the best account of the history of Dustoff in Vietnam! [I'm the un-named flight medic on page 83.] We all have different memorories of our time over there, and of each mission; mine differs from the author's in one or two places, but then it's been 30 years...Too bad we can't ask Lt Hula or Maj Buroughs [RIP] what they remember. p.s. The book titled "Dustoff - the Memoirs of an Army Aviator" was also a good read, but it falls into the pile with the rest of the self-serving memoirs that came out of that period of our country's history. Rescue Under Fire will remain the best and most objective account of Dustoff history from that period! I would only hope that Cook produces an update to fill us in on the continuing history of Dustoff through the most recent two gulf wars... My service with Dustoff (498th Med Co AA) was and is the most significant piece of work I've ever done! Van Doren